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Gain Waits

A fellow player requested that I post this so here it is.

For those players that don’t know, LUO works off a system we call Gain Waits. Simply put, once you gain a skill, (above 80 points) it is impossible to gain another for a set period of time.

There are no gain waits below 80.

Gain Waits
80-90: 36 seconds
90-95: 72 Seconds
95-99: 90 seconds
99-100: 6 minutes

What this means for you
By building gain waits into your macros, you will save resources and train some skills faster. For example, if you are training Magery and you are at 92, you would cast Flamestrike/WaterEle repeatedly until you received a gain. You would then pause for 72 seconds before repeatedly casting again. As you can imagine, this saves you a great deal of regs.