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Boats and Pirating(Yarrr!)
We’ve redesigned the way boats work in order to make them a little less secure so as to encourage pirating.
1. You must have the boat key on your person to command the boat
2. your ghost may command the boat as long as your corpse on the boat has the key on it.
3. Bone decay times have been increased for bones on a boat when they hold a key
4. you can now dry dock a boat that has ghosts onboard (they get kicked to shore.)
5. you may not dry dock a boat with clutter on deck (including bones)
6. You can no longer recall off a boat key, but single clicking it will display where it is located.

Grappling Hooks

The Pirate Smuggler NPC now sells grappling hooks.
A grappling hook is a rope with a big hook on it used to board a boat.
1. You must be on a boat to use a grappling hook.
2. You may only successfully grapple a boat that is not moving.
3. Any living players on the boat you grapple will “toss the hook back into the ocean” whereby resulting in a failed grapple.
4. If you successfully grapple a boat, you will receive a one-time teleport onto the deck of the target boat.
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