What to expect on opening day.

New UO Players – What to expect on opening day. Firstly, its going to be wild at start, with so many people logging in at the same time, its going to be messy at first. The information below will help … Read More

Housing and Tents

Remember! Legacy UO is a dangerous place! If you’re not careful, your house could be LOOTED! So read carefully! You may own up to one house per account. You may co-own others to your house which will give them additional … Read More

Launch Day Activities

Game launches are always an exciting time, so to celebrate we’ll be passing out gifts to everyone who is logged in on launch day (November 25, 2017 9AM EDT)! All players who log in will have their choice between 3 … Read More

Meet the Staff

Folik – Owner (AKA. Matt Carpenter) Folik played on Great Lakes back in 98-2003. Then played various other free shards until finding his home on AI in 2005. Since then Folik has been involved with most every concept that AI … Read More

Launch Date!!!

Many of you have been asking “When is launch date?”   Tentatively we are shooting for the day after Thanksgiving. This will give us some time to wrap up a few bugs and apply some finishing touches on some systems. … Read More

Welcome to Legacy UO!!!

Hey here lads and ladies! I’m glad you’ve take a second to check out our website. We’ve been putting in a lot of hours designing a shard that uses the classic Angel Island code and features, but brings you a … Read More

Legacy UO