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Notoriety System

If you click on your character you will see that your name highlights blue. Or… if you got ahead of this guide maybe it’s red.

The notoriety system consists of 5 basic hues: Blue, Grey, Green, Orange, and Red. You can edit any of these hues in your client if you so choose.

Innocent. Killing an innocent results in a murder count. Stealing from or attacking an innocent in town results in the guards coming for you.

A blue character turns grey by commiting a criminal action. Grey means two things. Within the first 10 or so seconds of the criminal action it means criminal. While criminal the guards can be called on you, you cannot report murders, and you’re generally open to abuse from anyone who decides to send some your way. After the initial criminal period you remain “freely attackable” until 2 minutes after you comitted the crime.

If you are in a guild then green replaces blue. Green characters are innocent, but by virtue of being in the same guild are freely attackable by eachother.

If you are in a guild war then orange replaces blue for enemy characters. Orange characters are freely attackable.

Murderer!. No ifs ands or buts about it. If you have 5 or more long term murder counts, you are a murderer. You will not be able to report people for a murder if they kill you. Red overrides any other color that may be associated with your name. Currently red players are allowed into cities and will not be attacked by guards unless they commit a criminal action. See Prison