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Custom Door Addon’s


Legacy UO has specialty doors that may be used in any player owned house. These doors are sold by Architect NPC’s (found in carpenter’s shops), and are currently available in five flavors. They may be removed, rotated (deco tool), and individually keyed. Feel free to let your imagination run wild. You can even create secure portions of your house by locking off certain rooms.

*IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that you rekey your house through the house sign after placing a new door or rotating an existing one. You may lock either with your new key.*

Types and Pricing

  • Dark Wood House Door 25k
  • Metal House Door 25k
  • Secret House Door 28k
  • Iron Gate House Door
  • Cell House Door 25

  • New door addons

    From left to right:
    Small iron gate
    Light wood gate
    Dark wood gate

    Rattan door
    Light wood door
    Strong wood door

    Secret dark wood door
    Secret light wood door
    Secret light stone door

    Placing New Doors:

    Doors may be placed in the same manner as any other house add on. You will be given a confirmation gump before placement is finalized.

    1. Purchase deed from any Architect NPC
    2. Double Click deed
    3. Target ground where you would like the door
    4. Select ok from the confirmation gump
  • Removing Doors:

    You may remove doors at will with the aid of an Axe.

    1. Equip Axe
    2. Double Click Axe in Paperdoll
    3. Target Door
  • You must hit your door three times to succefully break it down. Upon each hit, you will recieve a message notifying you which stage you are at.
    • Your Axe does great damage to the door.
    • Your door begins to fall apart.
    • You destroy the item.

      Rotating Doors:

      Doors may be rotated to occupy 8 diffent angles. (4 facing directions x 2 opening direction) Both purchased doors and original doors may be manipulated. To rotate your door, use a home decorating tool, purchasable at any architect for 10k, and rotate them as you would any other item.

      1. Double Click tool
      2. Target tool
      3. Select Turn
      4. Target door