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The Slayer (Combat)

“Jen watched the summoner struggle with the dragon from the darkness surrounding her. The dragon had banished the water elemental, leaving only the earth elemental between itself and the summoner. She stepped from the darkness concealing her and strode toward the dragon. The summoner, upon seeing her, called frantically for help.
Jen pulled the blade from her back and began contacting the netherworld. Energy began crackling around the blade. The dragon’s fiery breath engulfed the summoner’s earth elemental, dropping charred rocks to the ground. Jen felt the power flowing through her into the ancient dragon slaying sword. She sliced at the dragon’s left flank. A loud clap of energy echoed in the cave as the sword made contact with the dragon. The mighty beast recoiled as large ribbons of blood floated into the air before painting the cave floor. The beast shuddered from its wounds and fell to the ground.
The exhausted summoner thanked the woman who saved his life. “I’m Jorn”, said the summoner through labored breaths. Jen put her arm on the summoner’s shoulder to help steady him. “You can call me, Jen.” Jen looked down at the flawless blade in her other hand hand. She knew it would be without blemish, but years of training conditioned her to examine the blade before sheathing it.

Legacy UO is please to present another  Original; The Slayer!

The Slayer is a new melee oriented PvM option that allows a character to excel at using slayer type weapons. Below are some of the key characteristics and implementation notes for the Slayer.

Base Slayer Damage Modification
The damage dealt by a slayer weapon is amplified by the spirit speak skill.

Slayer Strike
Using spirit speak initializes a 10 second period in which repeated spirit speaking can channel netherworld energy into a slayer weapon. After 10 seconds of charging, a 20 second period is initiated in which time the weapon must strike a target or the charge will dissipate. Upon striking a target attuned to the slayer weapon, extensive damage is dealt based on the Slayer’s ability in spirit speaking, tactics and dexterity. No further charging of the weapon may take place until the second 20 second period has expired.

Slayer Strike Repair
The act of channeling netherworld energy through a slayer weapon restores a small amount of it’s durability upon a successful slayer strike.

Netherworld Goodness
Netherworld energy can only be used for good. Slayers can’t be used to smite players. They may not be used against non-murderer pets. They may be used against a murderer’s pets.

Silver Weapons
Silver weapons are considered slayers and will gain above slayer bonuses as well.


Shadow Weapons

Shadow is a new slayer type. This weapon can be used on most creatures, but only at 60% of the damage of regular slayers when used with Spirit Speak, otherwise it is just a regular weapon.

Below is a list of monsters that are susceptible to shadow slayer strikes;

ArcticOgreLord Cyclops Ettin EvilMage EvilMageLord FrostTroll MeerCaptain MeerEternal MeerMage MeerWarrior Ogre OgreLord Orc OrcBomber OrcBrute OrcCaptain OrcishLord OrcishMage Ratman RatmanArcher RatmanMage SavageRider SavageShaman Savage Titan Troll Ogre OgreLord ArcticOgreLord Orc OrcBomber OrcBrute OrcCaptain OrcishLord OrcishMage Troll FrostTroll AncientLich Bogle BoneKnight BoneMagi DarknightCreeper FleshGolem Ghoul GoreFiend HellSteed Lich LichLord Mummy Revenant RottingCorpse Shade ShadowKnight SkeletalKnight SkeletalMage SkeletalMount Skeleton Spectre Wraith Zombie Vampire VampireBat VladDracula WalkingDead BoneKnightLord BoneMagiLord WraithRiderWarrior WraithRiderMage PatchworkSkeleton Centaur EtherealWarrior Kirin LordOaks Pixie Silvani Treefellow Unicorn Wisp AgapiteElemental AirElemental BloodElemental BronzeElemental CopperElemental CrystalElemental DullCopperElemental EarthElemental Efreet FireElemental GoldenElemental IceElemental PoisonElemental SandVortex ShadowIronElemental SnowElemental ValoriteElemental VeriteElemental WaterElemental BloodElemental AgapiteElemental BronzeElemental CopperElemental DullCopperElemental EarthElemental GoldenElemental ShadowIronElemental ValoriteElemental VeriteElemental PoisonElemental FireElemental SnowElemental IceElemental AirElemental WaterElemental AbysmalHorror Balron BoneDemon ChaosDaemon Daemon DemonKnight Devourer Gargoyle FireGargoyle Gibberling HordeMinion IceFiend Imp Impaler Ravager StoneGargoyle Balron DreadSpider FrostSpider GiantBlackWidow GiantSpider Mephitis Scorpion TerathanAvenger TerathanDrone TerathanMatriarch TerathanWarrior ScorpionDreadSpider FrostSpider GiantBlackWidow GiantSpider Mephitis TerathanAvenger TerathanDrone TerathanMatriarch TerathanWarrior AncientWyrm DeepSeaSerpent Dragon Drake GiantIceWorm IceSerpent GiantSerpent IceSnake JukaLord JukaMage JukaWarrior LavaSerpent LavaSnake Lizardman OphidianArchmage OphidianKnight OphidianMage OphidianMatriarch OphidianWarrior SeaSerpent SerpentineDragon ShadowWyrm SilverSerpent SkeletalDragon Snake SwampDragon WhiteWyrm Wyvern AncientWyrm Dragon Drake SerpentineDragon ShadowWyrm SkeletalDragon SwampDragon WhiteWyrm Wyvern Lizardman OphidianArchmage OphidianKnight OphidianMage OphidianMatriarch OphidianWarrior DeepSeaSerpent GiantIceWorm GiantSerpent IceSerpent IceSnake LavaSerpent LavaSnake SeaSerpent SilverSerpent Snake