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Kin Alignment

Kin Alignment is a factions system where players have their guilds join a faction such as the Undead, Pirates or Orcs and do battle against each other. Each Kin has it’s own stronghold where kin-aligned creatures will not attack them. For example, if you are aligned with Orcs, orcs within Kin Regions will not attack you, if you’re a pirate, pirates will not attack you, etc. making it far easier to Role Play certain characters in battle.


Features of Kin Alignment

  • Kin alignment is guild-based. That is, the guildmaster of each guild must decide whether and which kin alignment to choose.
  • As a member of a kin-aligned guild, you will flag as an enemy (orange) worldwide to members of all opposing kin-aligned guilds. Like-aligned player kin will not be flagged ally (green) unless they are in the same guild or an allied guild. Like-aligned NPC mobs will appear green. You will flag purple to all non-kin players.
  • Kin strongholds are now no-count zones. When you enter a stronghold, you will see a message informing you of this. This means that, regardless of whether or not you are kin-aligned, if an attack that results in your death starts in a stronghold, or if you die in a stronghold (no matter where you were first attacked), you will not be able to give your attacker a count.
  • You can not “join” IOB followers.
  • Aggressing your own kin, or helping someone in combat with your kin, will cause you to be outcast from your kin for a certain amount of time. This means that kin of your alignment will attack you on sight and everyone in the kin system can still freely attack you. While you are ‘outcast’, you will not receive global kin messages when opposing kins attack your stronghold.
  • Similar to the Beneficial Changes to the Fightbroker system, if a non-kin heals (or cures, resurrects, etc) a kin, they will be temporarily entered into the kin system, opening them up to attack by anyone else participating in the kin system for a period of four (8) hours.
    The names (not the status bar or hue) of characters aligned to a kin whose name would appear blue (innocent) will now appear purple to non-kin. (once someone is entered into the kin system by healing a kin, their bar will be grey to those in the kin system and vice-versa.) Those that perform beneficial acts on kin-aligned players will have “interferer” placed on their paperdoll, and “Healer” above their head.
  • Kin alignment can be changed on guildstones every 7 days, but they cannot be changed the Saturday prior to a Ransom Chest Event (to prevent players from changing kin to the ransom of the month).

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