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Overland Spawn System

Overland System design overview:

The Overland System (OS) is a system that provides spawn on a global scale as opposed to the same place every time. The OS also seeks to provide exceptional reward (loot) for exceptional risk/competition. You may want to think of it as Legacy UO’s Anti-Instance stance. (Instances are something that a lot of games do today to insure everyone has their own private experience). These NPCs spawn in a cycle at different locations in the land, which is announced on town criers.

The Traveling Merchant: 
The Traveling Merchant will now seek the assistance of good people and will reward those that do help handsomely. As part of the rares factory system, the Traveling Merchant also has a small chance of dropping some truely rare wine.

The Bandit:
These Overland Spawn are not interested in an escort and would be more likely to slit your throat! If you’re lucky, you might be able to attain some of their fine black clothing. Also, as part of the rares factory system, there’s also a small chance that the bandit might drop the fabled Hrunting.

Treasure Hunter:
This young
adventurer will be looking to go somewhere in particular.. getting him/her there will cost you quite a few gems, however the reward is great.