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The Harrower

The Harrower is the most violent, hearty, and devious soul to ever wander the dungeons of Legacy UO. The road to raise and conquer this nightmare of a brute is long and arduous. Yet, should a suitable band of questors succeed in its death, they shall be rewarded above all others.

The Harrower can only be spawned by the placement of 6 skulls upon the Star Room Altar. This altar may be found by traveling through the Pixie Dungeon. Once the six precious skulls have been placed, a magical gate will appear to transport you to the entrance of the dungeon the newly spawned Harrower may be found.

Tread lightly friends, for as you approach the Harrower, he shall reach out to tear at your person from a great distance. His will is great and penetrates beyong walls and other worldly obstacles. Should he beckon, you shall surely follow and find yourself upon his feet. If caught in this most precarious of places, flee for your life and perhaps taste of your more refreshing elixers.

The Harrower takes many forms, three that are known, and each must be conquered in turn for success to grace thee.

The False Harrower will appear as an evil individual masked in darkness. His strenth is rumored to be peerless, save the rare Tree of Knowlege. At this stage, his will shall beckon you to him as his mighty fists pound the life from your body. Aside from this however, his range is limited to those quite near and your band may overpower him with a well planned attack.

As the False Harrower’s last cries ring out, he shall transmutate and show his true face. Upon his arrival however, an army of deadly tantacles shall spawn from the dead earth around him. Even the most seasoned of veterans will find thes tentacles a significant obstancle. Their roots run deep and have the ability to draw the life from you and your pets should you wander close.

The Tentacles must be killed and ranged attacks have been found to work well. Daemons may also be summoned and thrown into the fray. Some alchemist have even concocted exploding potions rumored to be effective! Have you dragons at your side, let them do your bidding. Be on guard however and watch with a keen eye, for even they will not last long against such a formidable foe.

With the Tentacles subdued, your jubilent band may at last turn its eyes upon the True Harrower. The Harrower by now has exhausted himself surely and shant put up much of a fight. His health may be great, yet a strong and unyielding offense will surely vanquish him at last.

And what, may ye’ ask, shall be thy reward? That my friends, is for you to discover.