Angel Island

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Legacy UO is a classic Ultima Online Shard circa Publish 15 with enhancements set in Malas, with a Felucca ruleset. More important than the era though, is the philosophy behind the design. The Legacy team has set out to build a solid and robust incarnation of Ultima Online that embodies all the things we loved about early UO while still growing and expanding to create an ever-interesting shard for everyone to play.

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Over the years the team here at Legacy UO have worked hard to keep players of all kinds happy by inventing and implementing unique features for all different play styles...

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View our extensive library of play guides to learn all about game mechanics such as combat, skills, character attributes, equipment, world maps, and more!

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Gain inside tips, tricks, and suggestions from our community tips, covering topics such as role playing, PKs and PK Zones, Skara Farms, Jhelom Fighters, and more!

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